A service of quality, nutrition, and convenience, Chef Matt creates seasonal fare in delicious prepared meals for your busy week.

Weekly Meal Service

Who is this for:

Someone who is seeking to upgrade their daily menu options without having to leave the comforts of their castle or fuss with complex ingredients and recipes. Typical clients value caliber of ingredients and preparations with minimal effort to prepare.

How does it work?

We begin with a meeting to discuss your likes and dislikes, go over some of your favorite restaurants and what you enjoy about them. From there I will build a personalized client profile with my understanding of your preferences. I will use this to begin designing your customized menu options which are sent out a few days before your cookdate for your consideration and approval. On the day of our cook, I will shop for the necessary ingredients and utilize my expertise to ensure their quality. The ingredients will be brought to your home where I will utilize your kitchen to dice, chop, saute, roast, and reduce your ingredients into various appropriate containers or cooking vessels. I pride myself on working clean, and will ensure that I tidy up after myself.

What Will My Meals Looks Like?

Your meals will be prepared using high quality ingredients from Atlanta’s famously awesome markets such as Dekalb Farmers Markets, Buford Highway Farmers Market, and Whole Foods. Meals are typically packaged in glass containers or appropriate cooking vessels such as a casserole dish or roaster.

-Meat preparations range from savory roasts to sumptuous braises from a wide variety of traditions.

-Seafood dishes feature baked fish with a creamy sauce or a variety of fishermans stews and shellfish classics of global regional cuisines.

-Pastas and risottos are prepared to be finished al forno (oven baked) and saute pan finished dishes.

-I have competency in a wide variety of French, Italian, Greater Mediterranean, American Regional including Southern and Cajun/Creole, Mexican, Indian, Southeast Asian/Pacific Rim, Japanese, and Chinese recipes.

-Side dishes are matched to the entree as would be appropriate for a meal, such as a soup would likely be paired with a salad or a roast meat might be paired with starch and vegetable components.

-Vegetarian and dietary restricted menu options may be an option; as these often add to the complexity of preparations, a fee may be associated with special diets.

How do I prepare these meals?

The meals are designed to simply bake in the oven, heat on the stove, or tossed together for a salad. Your enjoyment of the meals will not be hampered by too many complicated directions; you will have the opportunity to customize the level of involvement you want to have in the preparation in relation to certain qualities that can be achieved.

I highly recommend that all of my clients buy a really excellent thermometer, as I use USDA time and temperature guidelines to determine when your food is done. This makes it totally simple. Not sure if the roast is perfect? Just take its temperature with the thermometer I recommend you purchase. Feel free to let Thermoworks know that I am interested in sponsorship, as the MK4 is my typical recommendation.