A service of quality, nutrition, and convenience, Chef Matt creates seasonal fare in delicious prepared meals for your busy week.

Weekly Meal Service

The basis of my in-home weekly meal service is to provide a customized, personal chef experience. Following an in-depth consultation to determine your dietary needs and culinary preferences, I will begin a weekly service of menu development, grocery shopping, meal execution, food storage, and kitchen cleanup. During your busy workweek, you can rely on delicious, convenient meals to please you and your family.

Your menus will be designed to cover your family's needs, and can be tailored to a variety of dietary restrictions including allergies, low or specific carbohydrates, gluten free, and any other customizable diet program. Groceries are typically purchased from Your Dekalb Farmers Market, or any other purveyor of high quality ingredients we may agree upon. 

Meal programs are typically based around seasonal fare with a preference towards nutrition, seasonality, and your family's favorite meals. You will receive menus designed to fit your culinary tastes; including world cuisines, farm to table, and regional American styles. Each week, we will discuss the upcoming menu and consult one another to determine the best possible selection for your week. Your meals will have a wide variety of delicious options that will leave you and your family satisfied. The deluxe option is designed to provide you and your family with a feast on the evening that the service is executed; in which a veritable buffet of items will be made available.

Meal Program Pricing

3 Meal Program: $375 a week plus cost of groceries and tax

4 Meal Program: $400 a week plus cost of groceries and tax

5 Meal Program: $425 a week plus cost of groceries and tax

Deluxe Option:

Add $75 plus cost of groceries for a supper on the evening of service that includes large portions, a dessert, and a special side dish. (Only available with the 3 meal program)